Mexican Sous Chef in Denmark for Gastro Pub
El Mariachi restaurant – Ålborg
Traditional Mexican Chef Wanted for Job in Denmark.
We are about to open a Mexican Gastro Pub in Denmark and we’re looking for a trained chef that will become the cornerstone of creating traditional Mexican food, along with the head chef, for our Gastro Pub.
We’re looking for a trained chef with experience and innovative ideas. Someone who’s up for the challenge and that’s ready to put a small twist on traditional Mexican food.
Our pub will be located in the heart of Aalborg, Denmark. Our goal is to create a menu that’s traditional Mexican without Tex-Mex dishes. All food will be prepared from the ground up and we’d like to create a simple but delicious menu. One of our inspirations is the cooking style of Enrique Olvera.
Along with the food comes the pub part of our restaurant. We’ll serve craft beer and wine with the food and we’ll also have a cocktail menu and a tequila menu.
Good level of English skills required.
It’s a well-paid job and we’re looking for a chef that’ll be interested in staying in Denmark for a longer period of time or even permanently. It is possible to bring along a spouse or girlfriend who will also get a greencard to stay and work in Denmark.
There are several ways to figure out how to cover travel expenses – but we will discuss that when we find the right person for the job. We can help with finding housing.
The salary is: 33000 DKK which is similar to 92000 MXN – taxes in Denmark are high at about 40% which means the salary after taxes are about 20000 DKK or 55000 MXN.
The perks of having high taxes are that you’ll have a full health insurance whilst working in Denmark as there are no costs for doctor’s appointments, schools, university or hospital.
The hours expected are between 180-200 hours a month.
The city of Aalborg is the capitol of the region of Northern Jutland and with a population of just over 130000 people it is the fourth largest city in Denmark. In a global survey done by The Washington Post Aalborg was celebrated as the happiest city in the world.
Send youy CV in English to with

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Starting date is the 20’th of October.

We hope to hear from you and for more information or to apply for the job you may contact Mr. Claus Carstensen by e-mail.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

Trained Mexican Chef: 3 years
Required language: