Pizza maker in Oslo wanted

Pizza maker in Oslo wanted
This is a job opportunity as pizza chef – pizza maker in Norway – Oslo.
StarMo” in Oslo needs a pizzaiolo or two, with long experience, especially in making big
pizzas of 42,5 cm, which can take over the responsibility and work efficiently even in
stressful situations.
This person has to be able to adjust himself to our working system, that is already
established in our business; to learn this system and pass it on to other pizza bakers who
would work in our restaurants. You have to be also a leader (pizza chef) who has a good
social relationship with the employees and customers. Don’t come to work “just to do your
We want to create that kind of team where we will grow together and open several restaurants.
Very important for us is that the pizzaiolo has knowledge about hygiene and maintenance
of internal control.

Take your chance to be part of good team with a vision to be bigger.

After the trial, which is wished to start before 1. September 2017, there is possibility for unlimited working contract, if he satisfies the standards and need of this company.

We offer our help in finding a good eand cheap place to live in Oslo.

Neto monthly wage is 2100 € per month for first two monthes, which can grow after
This first period, with good and loyal work.

Working hours: 5 or 6 days a week, depending on the agreement between parts.

Please, we ask only serious pizzaiolos with good social qualities to send their CV-es and applications to this e-mail address:

ref position “Pizza maker in Oslo”
StarMo Pizza Italiana
Waldemar Thranes gate 63,
0173 Oslo – Norway