Pasta chef job in Norway
Chef de partie pasta-Wages: 28 000 -36 000 gross pr. Month (~2900-3700 EURO)
Work Place: Trondheim, in the county of Trøndelag in Mid-Norway
About the company:
In August 1973 we opened an Italian restaurant in Trondheim
( This became the first trattoria e pizzeria in Trondheim. The restaurant is
family driven, and established by two Italian brothers from Bari. They wanted to give Trondheim the
Italian spirit thru food, wine and service. The restaurants main focus is the Italian cuisine, with multiple
delights such as pasta, pizza, meat and fish dishes. At day time, our restaurant makes most pizza and
pasta, while the evenings the focus is the meat dishes. We also make our own pasta in the restaurant
and have our own brewery.
FRATI can host around 270 guests (includes both inside and outside the restaurant), and on hectic
days we serve around 1000 warm dishes.
We seek to keep the Italian culture in the kitchen.
The kitchen staff today is build up by mostly Italians.
The kitchen is open everyday from 11 am till 11 pm,
Sundays from 12 pm till 10 pm.
Our company holds several Italian restaurants and one French bistro in Trondheim. To get an
impression of our restaurants, please take a look at our website: and
Information about the position:

We are looking for a person who loves making pasta and that will lift
up the quality of our pasta dishes and pasta.
We offer a full-time (160-170 hours pr month) permanent position as chef de partie for pasta section,
and that can make fresh pasta. The candidate will be working in the pasta section in two different
restaurants (Frati and Una Pizzeria) and also with pasta production.
The everyday tasks will include preparing the fresh pasta and pasta dishes from the a la carte menu
and following the HACCP-system requirements.
We seek a person who is well experienced with Italian pasta, both traditional dishes and modern
Requirements: The applicant must have well-documented relevant experience as pasta chef. You
should have at least five years of work experience as pasta chef. You must also be service minded,
structured and tidy. In the kitchen, you can count on hectic days and should enjoy high speed.
Required language skill is English.
Wages: 28 000 -36 000 gross pr. Month (~2900-3700 EURO), depending on experience and
Housing: The employer will assist in finding housing.

Contract type: permanent, fulltime, evening and daytime.
Other information: The restaurant is located in the centre of Trondheim with short walking distance to
all facilities.
How to apply: Send a short application, CV with picture and a video of you making two pasta
dishes (pasta al pomodoro and pasta carbonara etc).



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Pasta chef job in Norway

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