Mediterranean Chef wanted in Singapore-Asia

Mediterranean Chef wanted in Singapore-Asia
Atmastel hotel, a new fast casual Mediterranean dining concept, will soon be opening at The South Beach, Singapore.
The demand for higher-quality everyday meals with a touch of culinary flair is growing
as Singaporeans- especially millennial adults have become more informed, well-travelled and sophisticated
in their palates.
Our urban restaurant and cafe caters to this rising need with value added benefits: speed, convenience,
variety and quality dining
We are looking for a passionate chef who will be in charge of the kitchen.
Our cuisine is Mediterranean inspired, using quality ingredients available on the market.
Originality, creative and self motivated people are what we seek for our team.
The ideal candidate must be able to manage the kitchen on his/her own and possess the
following qualities:
Creativity. Passion for food and a creative interest in food and cookery ,you must be creative in
order to develop and prepare interesting and innovative recipes and have the ability to use various
ingredients to create appealing meals for your customers.
Communication skills. Because the pace in the kitchen can be hectic during peak dining hours,
you must be able to communicate your orders clearly and effectively to staff.
Leadership skills. Ability to motivate kitchen staff and develop constructive and cooperative working
relationships with them.
Sense of taste and smell. Keen sense of taste and smell, to inspect food quality and to design
meals that your customers enjoy.
Time-management skills. Efficiently manage your time and the time of your staff. You must ensure
that meals are prepared and that customers are served on time
Business skills. The ability to control a budget and work with figures,you should be skilled at
administrative tasks, such as accounting and personnel management, and be able to manage a
restaurant efficiently and profitably.
Crafting Atmastel Moments : What is an Atmastel Moment?
Each of our bites is a moment complete onto itself.
A moment of your choosing. A moment of sensorial immersion. A moment of mutual delight, discussion
and then…. hard deliberation on what to pick up next….
Bites that romances you from distant lands
FEEL F&B Pte Ltd is the Food, Beverage and Snack service and product arm of Lawton & Yeo
Design Holdings Pte Ltd; with the expressed aim of developing and producing concepts that
challenge the current norms we have in understanding, choosing, purchasing, preparing and consuming
“Foods to Enjoy and Enrich Life”.
FEEL’S first food retail service outlet, ATMASTEL, is planned to be launched in Q4 2016; with a network of
satellite units due 2017/18.
If you are interested and feel that you could be part of ATMASTEL, please send your CV to : /



Singapore is both an island and a country, but perhaps its best description is that of city-state, it offers civilization and order in the highest degree. Its combination of Western-style development and Eastern-style calm seems to present the best of both hemispheres: It’s a modern metropolis where you feel safe walking the streets, and it’s an Asian business center that’s a model of effi- ciency. Singapore is also a multicultural city, and close to one-quarter of its population are expatriates or foreign workers from all over the world. Known for its desire to become the technology hub of Asia, Singapore is the most wired country in the region. Singapore is a cosmopolitan society where people live harmoniously and interaction among different races are commonly seen. The pattern of Singapore stems from the inherent cultural diversity of the island. The immigrants of the past have given the place a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European influences, all of which have intermingled. In Singapore, food is also readily and widely available. There are lots of cuisines to offer. We have, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian and Western, Italian, Peranakan, Spanish, French, Thai and even Fusion. It is very common to savour other culture’s food and some of the food can be very intriguing.