The Culinary Institute of America seeks:
Baking & Pastry Chef Instructor
City St. Helena – California – States
Position Type Full-Time

Instructors at The Culinary Institute of America are responsible for teaching students, developing curriculum, conducting research and organizing conferences and retreats to a high standard of professionalism. The responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to: preparing lesson plans, teaching and evaluating students, ordering and supervising the preparation of food, preparing and revising course guides and other educational materials, and developing the intellectual property of the college. Instructors also provide professional and career advice for students pursuing careers in the foodservice industry, maintain office hours, assist students who are having difficulty with studies, and honor college policies. Instructors are also expected to contribute to the overall operation of the college and support the mission of the Institute, by acting as Ambassadors of the Culinary Institute of America.


• Research assigned topics, develop and compile materials necessary to teach in a manner consistent with the philosophy, policies, and guidelines of the college.
• Prepares daily instructional lesson plans and support media (PowerPoints, grading sheets, exams, quizzes, etc) for all assigned courses in a manner consistent with the philosophy, policies, and guidelines of the college.
• Collaborate with colleagues, prepares, reviews, and revises course guides, syllabi, and appropriate curriculum materials for courses offered at the Institute, and any other educational materials required.
• Administers assigned courses following the schedule and curriculum provided for each course.
• In culinary, baking, or pastry arts classes (degree programs or continuing education), supervises students in preparing quality food within Institute guidelines, staying with class throughout the entire course period. In table service, supervises students in delivering quality service according to college guidelines.
• Provide regular and constructive feedback to students in an objective, consistent, and timely manner; evaluates and documents student performance using established methods and criteria.
• Become proficient in setting up course templates and maintaining grades in the EGAS system.
• Consistently files course grades within the designated filing times for classes without prejudice.
• Enforces sanitation principles (appropriate to particular teaching assignment), attendance policies, Institute’s Professionalism, Uniform, and Hygiene Policy, and other academic policies.
• Assumes responsibility for equipment and facilities of the kitchen, bakeshop, pastry shop, dining room, or classrooms and collaborates with the Teaching Kitchen Manager and their team to maintain the organization and equipment of Greystone in a manner consistent with the policies, and guidelines of the college.
• Develops requisitions and orders, maintaining the desired food cost for the assigned curriculum, minimizing waste and unnecessary expense.
• Become proficient in EATEC ordering system, placing all requisitions within the stated deadlines with minimal add on requisitions for classes.
• Administers lectures and hands-on classes on campus, off campus or remotely to a standard consistent with the professional standards of the CIA.
• Conducts travel, instruction, food preparation, and table service in an exemplary manner consistent with the professional standards of the Institute, within budgetary limits.
• Administers all course materials for classes through the Moodle course content management system.
• Stays abreast of new developments in the foodservice and hospitality industries; plans on an annual basis, professional development; and strives to accomplish the goals set out in the formal annual plan.
• Contributes to the growth of the college by serving on committees or task forces, assisting with visitors, recommending students and potential employees, and displaying hospitality.
• Develops menus, workshops, planning documents and organizational plans for conferences, retreats and any other event as required.
• Works individually as an advisor for students who may need extra help, who have questions about course information, who want career guidance, or who need assistance in their studies.
• Any and all other job duties as assigned.


• An Associate’s Degree.

• Minimum of seven (7) years of industry in baking and pastry.

Licenses / Certifications:
• A valid ServSafe certification (for those Instructors who are working in a kitchen, dining room or food lab environment).


• Bachelor’s Degree or higher preferred.
• Familiar with global cuisines and the associated foods and preparation techniques for culinary instructors and International baking and pastry preparations and techniques for baking and pastry instructors.
• Familiar with volume foodservice, fine dining, multi unit, and menu R&D.
• Proven track record as an instructor in higher education
• Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) preferred


• High skill levels in culinary arts, table service, restaurant management, food costing, sanitary practices, wines and wine pairings and familiarity with world cuisines.
• Strong written and oral communication skills, including the ability to break complex concepts down to instruct students on their completion.
• Ability to identify learning outcomes, and execute plans to achieve those objectives with students.
• Strong teamwork, organizational and interpersonal skills; ability to be adaptable, dependable and handle multiple priorities simultaneously.
• Ability to stay abreast of industry trends and breakthroughs, and incorporate into curriculum.
• Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office applications, including email software, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Knowledge of or ability to quickly learn industry specific software relating to educational technology, grading systems, scheduling systems and purchase ordering systems.


• Regular work requires a great deal of sitting, standing, lifting, bending and stretching.
• Must be able to stand for a minimum of eight (8) hours.
• Ability to work in extreme temperatures hot and cold for long periods.
• Must be able to work holidays and weekends as required to meet business needs.
• Flexibility in scheduling: must be able to work both morning and afternoon shifts, including doubles when necessary.
• Ability to lift and carry up to fifty (50) lbs.

Respect for diversity is a core value of The Culinary Institute of America, an Equal Opportunity employer committed to fostering a diverse learning and working environment.
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