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Italian pizza maker job in Norway

Italian pizza maker job in Norway
Pizza chef wanted in Oslo!
Hi, My name is Jonas and i run a small pizzeria with my father in a rural area of Oslo.
We have a small take-away pizzeria in a nice and small suburb of Oslo and due to high demand, we are in the need of another pizzaiolo.
Please send e-mails to
Requirements to apply for the job:
– Speak english good/fluent
– Have atleast 3 years experience, know how to make both small and large (family size) pizza.
– Preferably under 35 years
– Send your resume/CV
– have good social skills
– Have good stress and task managment / leader talents

What we can offer:
– In Norway the average salary is higher than most places in europe, but at the same time the price of everything is higher. But what we can offer is high (above average) good salaries (around 14-18 euro´s per hour)
– Help to find accommodation
– Ensure a good work place and a nice work environment
– good career opportunities (we want to expand the business)
– Help to learn norwegian ( we want long term employees)

I look forward to recieve and read your submissions,
Thank you Thegastrojob