Hotel job in Ibiza – Summer 2018
Work in ibiza with Seven Pines Resort Ibiza-The Soul of Luxury.
Seven Pines Resort Ibiza will open its doors in Summer 2018.
Spring and Summer Hospitality jobs in Ibiza.
Find Spain Jobs in Balearic Islands.
Like Nowhere Else in Ibiza.
This luxury resort will be the perfect place to unwind in a calm and private setting; a seafront gem nestled amidst a pine forest and surrounded by azure waters, the clifftop resort offers spectacular unobstructed views.
We are now open for start your career to Ibiza!

Our Values
-Fostering Talents
The wealth of every company is created by the people who work there. We believe in an effective recruitment process and are dedicated to develop talents on a daily basis.

-Culture of Empowerment
At 7 Pines we aim to empower our employees from the very first day. We certainly believe that guest engagement is enhanced when employees have the possibility to enliven their experiences through memorable and unique stays at the resort as well as being the solution of any guest problem in 1st person independently of the matter.

-Respect and fun
At 7 Pines Resort we foster a positive environment where respect between all individuals is key. We truly believe that we can have fun at work specially because we are able to touch guest emotions deeply so we are going to enjoy making a better world. We treat our coworkers and suppliers as guests.

-Team work
No matter in which department we are working for. We all have a common goal so guest is a priority and we all like to get out of our comfort zone to genuinely serve our guests.

We all love what we do also we are genuine hosts.
So we enjoy dealing with guests so we focus in providing them the most exclusive and luxury experiences. The best recognition they can give us is when they sincerely tell us that we did extraordinarily.

Open jobs Ibiza summer 2018
Group & Events Manager Sales
Reservations agent – Agente de Reservas Sales
Restaurant Manager (Fine Dining) Operations
Stewarding Manager – Responsable de Platería Operations
Outlet Manager – Manager Bar F&B Operations
Sous Chef Banquets Operations
Sous Chef Pastry Operations
Chef de Partie
Bell Boy – Doorman
Minibar (Room Service) / Minibares (Servicio de habitaciones)
Room service Delivery – Repartidor de Room service
Room Service Supervisor – Supervisor Room Service F&B
Telephone Operator – Telefonista
Pool Supervisor – Supervisor Piscina F&B
Restaurant Supervisor – Supervisor Restaurante F&B
Barback – Ayudante Camarero Bares O
Room Service Waiter – Camarero Room Service s
Pool Waiter – Camarero de Piscina
Assistant Floor Waiter – Ayudante Camarero Sala
Demi-chef Operations
Bartender Operations
Cook III – Cocinero Ayudante
Culinary internship
F&B Service Internship
Rooms internshi
Head Bartender – Supervisor Bares F&B
Restaurant Waiter – Camarero de Restaurante
Supervisor Housekeeping Operations
Cook – Cocinero (Future Talent) Operations
Housekeeping Attendant – Camarera/o de Pisos
Finance/IT – Tecnico de sistemas(Future Talent)

Hotel job in Ibiza – Summer 2018
Seven Pines Resort Ibiza
Carrer sa Conillera, 07829 Ibiza, Spain


Contact person: Mr Jaume Valldaura Padrós
Position/Department: Dir. of Human Resources