Chef jobs in Melbourne
Dear all, posting for a friend who is a culinary leader in the Melbourne (Australia) restaurant scene running 4 restaurants with another to open with each holding chefs hats. He is looking for a Head chef, sous chefs and chef de parties with sponsorship for the right candidates, restaurant backgrounds, hard working and willing to learn.
Please forward CV to me and I will forward for candidates matching criteria.
Please forward Cv to

Stephen Wright
Executive Chef

What about working as a Chef in Australia?
It is about time for a change of scenery, an escape to the land of opportunity down under! Is this move also the occasion for a career change?
If you love everything food related and get excited at the thought of whipping up your own fancy culinary creations then maybe studying to be a chef in Australia is a step in the right direction.
Refrain from being concerned by the foreign concept of Australian food, there is no need to be. Australia has built its food culture on the influence of various migrant populations. This multiculturalism opened the doors for restaurants specialising in various international cuisines and resulted in a nation that enjoys discovering new tastes.
There are around 74,000 chefs currently employed in Australia, working in many different settings including restaurants, cafes, hotels, function centres and more.