Wanted pizzaiolo in island of Saadiyat-UAE
Aperta la posizione per un pizzaiolo nel nostro beach club in Abu Dhabi UAE
Inviare CV in inglese a w.gadioli@saadiyatbeachclub.ae con oggetto
“Pizza chef Abu Dhabi UAE”

Open position for a pizza chef in our stunning beach club http\\www.saadiyatbeachclub.ae all candidates please send your CV at w.gadioli@saadiyatbeachclub.ae thank you.
ref “Pizza chef Abu Dhabi UAE”

Welcome to Saadiyat Beach Club.
Nestled away on the island of Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, the club celebrates health and wellness in natural surroundings and beautiful facilities.
Winner of the 2015 Ultra Travel Middle East Award for Best Beach Club in the UAE

De La Costa
Enjoy a refreshing beverage with some light snacks and conversation in the classic De La Costa. We’ll seat you underneath a sun-shaded veranda, where you can hear birds sing and laughter ring.
Once the sun goes down, the place changes. De La Costa becomes the perfect spot for your night out with friends. Create new memories and get inspired with our regular live events. Dance, sing and socialise at Saadiyat Beach Club’s liveliest venue.

Wladimiro Gadioli
Corporate Executive Chef

Saadiyat Beach Club
Indirizzo: Exit 14,Saadiyat Island –
Abu Dhabi – Emirati Arabi Uniti