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History of river cruises

The history of river cruises spans more than 100 years and probably began on the Rhine. However, in this
directory, we are limiting ourselves to “historical” contexts that make the current structures on the
Western European rivers easier to understand.
In Europe, we differentiate between the eras of “pre- and post-1992”, the year the Main Danube Canal
(RMD Canal) opened. It connects the previous main routes (Rhine/Moselle/Main/Dutch waterways on the
one side and the Danube on the other).
Before 1992, river cruises were offered on the Rhine and on the Danube – and not yet particularly
interesting, from the perspective of the European lawmakers.
The cruise lines, which usually sailed on only one route, dealt with laws and regulations that were more or less local.

History RIVER CRUISE in Europe

First of all, larger ships were built that made good use of the generous width of the Main Danube Canal locks (11.5 metres), down to the last centimetre.
The cruise lines were now able to offer their guests sensational tours across the whole
continent (theoretically, from Amsterdam to the Black Sea).
Then the number of ships increased from around 50 (before 1992) to far more than 300 (2019).
Of course, this also led to increased passenger numbers.
Cities, communities and government agencies all wanted a slice of the action.
They regulated, charged and taxed. Initially, the cities along the routes courted the tour operators at travel and tourism
fairs to ensure that the ships would dock in their villages and towns so the passengers would spend their
tourist euros in their communities – today, on the other hand, they are endeavouring to stem the tide of
In addition, the creative cruise lines also tried out new routes:
the rivers Po, Douro, Seine, Rhône, Saône,
Garonne, Elbe, Tisza and even some coastal areas were all explored by river cruise ship.
Some of these routes are still on offer today.
Others have disappeared again as they were not financially viable.

Employment, Crewing Agencies and Passenger Ship Management Companies

Edelweiss Gastro Ltd
official website: | email:

River Advice AG
official website:

RSR Nemo
official website:

Pro Sea Staff
+33 7 86 55 89 80

VM Recruitment s.r.o. 00421 948 905 430
Address Diviacka Nova Ves,972 24, Slovakia

official website:

RCS River Cruise Services LTD
33 Klementos Street, Office 302, 3rd Floor, 1061 Nicosia, Cyprus
+35 722 767 500

Job and career  River Cruise Line Companies

aRosa (main working language onboard is German)
official website: │ email: │ Phone Number: +41 812543850
employment website:

Grand Circle Cruise Line
official website:
employment website:

Luftner Cruises
official website: | email:
employment website:

Scylla AG
official website: | email: directly to company
email: agency hotel jobs – ꓲ email: agency nautical jobs –
employment website:

official website:
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UniworldBotique River Cruises
official website:
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Viking River Cruises
official website:
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Avalon Waterways Crewing
Address: 5301 South Federal Circle Littleton, Colorado 80123, USA